What we do.

Pixelgarde lets you control personal information in photos and videos. Our technology alerts you when geotags, dates, names and other personal data are present in your content, and lets you manage it automatically, manually or event based. We created Pixelgarde because we believe disclosure and control are your right, especially when it’s your information.

We invite you to try our applications. They are free and do not time out, but you can upgrade them to disable advertisements and control watermarking; $1.99 for mobile and $9.99 for PC or Mac.

Doing good is important to us, and we appreciate our users, free or paid. We have only one request; if you share photos of children online, please remove all personal data from them first. Keeping families safe online is our highest charter and protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. Learn about our Keeping Kids Safe program for public schools.

US Pat. No. #8,732,168
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US Pat. App. #14/500,229

Why you should care.

People love taking and sharing photos! We’ve taken over 3.5 trillion pictures, and we create a billion new ones each day. Of these photos, about 500 million get shared on the internet daily. All digital content can carry personal data, and this hidden data is very valuable! Personal data brokering is a $300 billion a year industry, making it five times larger than the digital content piracy market. Simply put, your photos are valuable, but not as valuable as your personal data. We think you need control over both, so we created Pixelgarde. Pixelgarde lets you organize your content and share what you want, and nothing more. It’s that simple!

Why companies should care.

According to TRUSTe, 92% of online users are concerned about how businesses use their personal data. When a company misuses our personal data, nearly 90% of us will avoid doing business with them. Nowadays, a bad consumer perception can be devastating for companies!

The U.S. Government may begin regulating how companies use online data, similar to the European Union. Government regulation would require online businesses to give users disclosure and control over their use of personal data. Pixelgarde can help companies to build online user trust and reduce the risk of receiving unintended personal data from users.

Pixelgarde is a great message, because companies can use our technology to give online users disclosure and control before they are required to.



Pixelgarde lets you share photos online with loved ones safely, because you are in control of your personal data. Use Pixelgarde to remove all personal information from photos, or only specific information like geotags, dates, or names. Alternatively, you can add or change personal data when sharing online too. Pixelgarde is better than turning off GPS because you can keep geotags in your photos, while removing it from the ones you share.




Pixelgarde a great for managing collection photos because you can create custom titles, add or edit geotags, authors, dates, time of day and much more, for better organization.
Whether you’re organizing one photo or several at once, saving or sharing them online, Pixelgarde is the easiest application available and supports the most popular mobile devices and computer operating systems on the market. With Pixelgarde, staying organized has never been easier!

Learn how to organize photos fast: PC/Mac Demo






Sharing photos online is a great way to stay connected with loved ones when you are away. But sharing personal information on the internet isn’t safe! Pixelgarde helps you share photos, without sharing personal data unknowingly. It’s simple, choose the photos you want to share, remove personal data, and then publish them to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or Twitter straight from Pixelgarde. Pixelgarde also supports photo popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook.