Why Use Pixelgarde?

All smartphones have GPS because of enhanced 911, but smartphones and many newer cameras also add GPS data, called a geotag, to photos and videos when you create them. Geotags and other hidden data get saved into photos and videos as metadata, and it goes with content when you share it online. Metadata plays an important role in telling  ‘what, when, where and how’ about your digital content.

Metadata is essential for organizing and discovering digital files, especially online, but it can create embarrassment or harm if you don’t manage it. In fact, just knowing about metadata means you know something most people don’t. We created Pixelgarde so you can share what you want, and nothing more. It’s also a great organizer too! Pixelgarde uses patent pending technology to help you organize and share content online, safely! With Pixelgarde, you don’t have to turn off geotagging on your iPhone or Anroid, or manage multiple copies of the same photo or video. It’s fast, easy and free!

Learn how to remove geotags and other personal data using Pixelgarde: iPhone Demo or PC Demo


Why metadata exists

Metadata is vital to our digital world and all internet browsers, search engines, social networks and web pages use it. Without metadata, digital content would be a disorganized, undiscoverable mess and the internet wouldn’t work!

Smartphones and digital cameras use metadata too; it’s called EXIF metadata and it gets created when you take photos and videos. These devices automatically record information like your name, location (aka. a geotag) date, time and more, there is no limit! EXIF metadata is incredibly useful for organizing photos and videos, and geotags add a unique value that you shouldn’t miss. But, there is a downside… Because metadata is valuable, it gets collected and used in a variety of ways by people, businesses, governments and creepy digital critters like search engine web crawlers, spiders, robots, etc. The truth is, when you share content online, you can’t control how it gets used, so please be careful, especially when children and your home are involved.



When you share content online, you give up control. Pixelgarde lets you decide what you’re comfortable sharing. Use Pixelgarde to remove all personal information when you share content online, or edit specific data like geotags, dates and more.

Pixelgarde is better than turning off GPS because you can keep geotags and manage all of your personal data when sharing. Whatever you decide, if you do share photos and videos of children online, please remove all personal data from them first!  Keeping children safe online is important, and it’s everyone’s responsiblity.

Learn about our Keeping Kids Safe program for public schools.



Managing photos can be a pain, especially if they are disorganized. Pixelgarde is a great organizer because you can create custom titles, edit geotags, add authors, change dates, time of day and much more.

Whether you’re organizing one photo, or several, Pixelgarde is the easiest and most convenient tool available. And, because Pixelgarde works for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac, staying organized has never been easier.

Learn how to organize photos fast with Pixelgarde: PC/Mac Demo



Sharing photos online is a fun and easy way to stay connected with others. But sharing personal data on the internet isn’t safe! Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor gives you control over your private information, so you can share photos and be safe. 

When you’re ready to share just add any comments and then publish them to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or Twitter straight from our application. Pixelgarde also supports photo sharing using popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and more.  Start using Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor today!